Grande Punto Abarth insurance

Friday, July 25th, 2008

The insurance groups for the Grande Punto Abarth have been finalised by Thatcham. They are:-

Model Group (1-20) Group (1-50) Group Type Security
Grande Punto Abarth T-Jet 15 30 D T2
Grande Punto Abarth SS T-Jet 17 34 D T2

What does all this mean? Well, the ‘D’ Group Type means:

Does not meet the security requirement for a car of this type and the group rating has therefore been increased. (e.g. A group 9 car where the security requirement is not up to Thatcham’s minimum standard for that group will be listed as a 10D.)

Oh dear. The ‘T2’ Security rating translates as:

An immobiliser that has been judged to comply to the Thatcham criteria.

It’s likely that the GP Abarth’s lack of a factory-fitted alarm has cost it at least one place in the insurance groups. That said, I was able to obtain some pretty reasonable insurance quotes by hunting around – More Than came out on top, with a quote of £286.06 (for reference, I’m 30-odd, living in Surrey).

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