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Official Abarth merchandise UK price list

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

We’ve managed to get a copy of the Abarth merchandise price list for the UK, courtesy of Vospers.

UPDATE: You can now buy official Abarth merchandise through Abarthisti.

Part Number Description Colour Price
303067p Mans T- shirt White- red stripe £18.95
303068p Mans T- shirt White- Abarth logo £18.95
303069p Mans T- shirt Black – Abarth logo £18.95
303070p Mans T- shirt long sleeve White – red stripes £32.95
303071p Sweat shirt Black £57.95
303072p Womans tank top White – red stripe £18.95
303073p Womans T – shirt White – Abarth Logo £14.95
303074p Kids T- shirt White – Abarth Logo £14.95
303075p Kids T- shirt Black – Abarth logo £14.95
303076p Kids T- shirt White – red stripe £14.95
303077p Baseball cap White – red stripe £16.95
303078p Baseball cap Red – Abarth logo £16.95
303079p Kids Baseball cap Red – Abarth logo £12.95
303080p Baseball cap Black – Abarth logo £16.95
303081p Sun Visor Red – Abarth logo £11.95
303053 Abarth Logo Poster £6.95
303054 S2000 Poster £6.95
303055 Punto Abarth Poster £6.95
303056 Punto Esse Esse Poster £6.95
303057 Abarth stripe poster £6.95
303032 Abarth Flag White £7.95
303082p Abarth Key ring £8.95
303083p Bag Black £14.95
303084p Necklace £6.95
303116 500 Abarth peddle car White £100
303117 500 Abarth Electric car White £184.95
3030105 1:24 scale S2000 model White £7.95
3030106 1:43 scale S2000 model White £4.95
3030107 1:24 scale GP SS Model White £7.95
3030110 1:43 scale GP SS Model White £4.95
3030113 1:20 scale S2000 R/C Model White £19.95
3030114 1:24 scale 500 Abarth Model Whlte £7.95
3030115 1:43 Scale 500 Abarth Model White £4.95
303085p Mans Sweat shirt White £65.95
303065p Body Warmer White – Abarth Logo £73.95
303064p Body Warmer Red – White top £73.95
303066p Fleece Black £80.99
303095p Official team shoes Red £149.00
303123p 500 Abarth Kappa top White £84.95
303005 History of Abarth book £42.95
303001 Silver Abarth tie pin £19.95
303006 White Gold Scorpion cuff links £304.95
303004 Abarth Plaque £24.95
303002 Mouse Mat £13.99
303045 1GB Scorpion USB stick £53.99

You can download a copy of the catalogue here: Official Abarth merchandise catalogue

Mese dello Scorpione – The “Month of Scorpio” according to Abarth

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Abarth Italy is celebrating the “Month of Scorpio” during which the company will offer a calendar of events dedicated to Carlo Abarth, the legendary founder born a century ago under this astrological sign (15 November 1908).

The celebration runs from 23rd October to 22nd November, and will involve the Italian Abarth dealer network of 49 outlets.

The event will allow the public to test-drive the Abarth range, discover the history behind the brand, and admire the collection of clothing and accessories.

There’ll be a chance to drive the Grande Punto Abarth with both the popular “Assetto” and “esseesse” kits fitted – to date, more than 600 kits have been sold already.

Grande Punto Abarth esseesse

Grande Punto Abarth esseesse

Other events will follow in the next few weeks. For example, an exhibition will be held in Turin titled “from 0 to 100” that illustrates the life of Carlo Abarth and his legendary adventures through cars, objects and photographs.  The exhibition takes place at Torino Esposizioni, Turin, and opens on 16th November.

There will also be a special event on the weekend of 15th – 16th November devoted to the brand new “esseesse” kit for the Abarth 500.

Fiat 500 Abarth Esseesse

Fiat 500 Abarth Esseesse

Official Abarth merchandise catalogue

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Although there’s still no sign of a list of Abarth merchandise or accessories from Abarth UK, an Adobe Acrobat PDF catalogue of official Abarth merchandise appeared today on the Italian Abarth website.

Official Abarth merchandise catalogue (PDF) 1.34MB

Official Abarth merchandise catalogue (PDF) 1.34MB

It features T-shirts, fleeces, caps, key rings, bags, shoes and model cars.

(PDF removed due to bandwidth)

UPDATE: You can now buy official Abarth merchandise through Abarthisti.

UK Abarth Forum

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Are there enough Abarth enthusiasts in the UK to support a dedicated Abarth forum?  We thought we’d set up a little experiment to find out.

We’ve created a new forum – – to run as an experiment.

Is there enough interest in a UK-based online Abarth community?  What features would the community require?  What benefits can it bring?

Head on over to and join in the debate.

Fiat 500 Abarth launch date rumours

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Although the UK launch date for the new Fiat 500 Abarth has yet to be officially announced, we’ve been hearing from a number of sources that the target is early February 2009.

It seems that actually getting hold of and distributing a sufficient number of cars to effect a nationwide launch is proving to be the deciding factor, rather than any political or marketing issues.

At least 200 pre-orders have been taken via the Fiat UK website, and the order book opens officially some time next week, so we hear.

Of course, still no prices or spec confirmations. We’ll keep you posted.

Abarth Coupe rumours gather pace

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Rumours that Abarth maybe considering building a special Abarth Coupe model have been gathering pace, with Autocar reporting their own take on the story…

Abarth Coupe © Autocar

Abarth Coupe © Autocar

Fiat could make a special-bodied Abarth Coupe in order to expand the ‘affordable high performance’ credentials of its recently re-established brand.

The company is reportedly delighted with the early reception for its Abarth Punto and 500 variants and believes that a special Abarth model may be feasible. A coupe would be in the spirit of the cars created by the firm’s founder, Carlo Abarth, in the 1960s.

Full story here.

Auto Express carried a similar piece a while back – here.

Grande Punto Abarth carpet floor mats

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

It seems that Abarth UK and the dealer network are being a little slow when it comes to sorting out the accessories range. This has been particularly annoying when it comes to sourcing simple things like carpet mats.

For now, I’m using a set of standard Punto mats (which Westover ripped me off for), but the foot-board in the passenger foot-well means they don’t fit as they should.

After a bit of hunting around, Fiat Forum member ‘magicmole’ uncovered the part number for the genuine Grande Punto Abarth mats:-

Part no: 46003939
Description: Carpet mats – Grande Abarth
Bin: New
Retail: £35.49 + VAT = £41.70

They’re currently showing as ‘in production’ and due to arrive in the next 3-4 weeks.

My Grande Punto Abarth has arrived!

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Collected my new Grande Punto Abarth from Westover late yesterday afternoon.

Had a lucky break in the weather for the hand-over so managed to drive it home in the sun. However, didn’t have any such luck with the traffic, so spent a good while stuck on the M3 going nowhere – though I can now report that with Sport Boost off, the GPA is extremely docile in stop-start traffic.

With Sport Boost on, it’s much peppier than I remember from the test drive. The Brembos are also much stronger than I remember – I can’t see why anyone would need the Esseesse brake upgrade unless the car was to become a track day regular.

I downloaded the SMS Reader update (you can find that and more Blue&Me blurb here) and that works beautifully.

Any problems? Well, the front passenger seat creaks and rattles enough to be annoying so it’ll be going back at some point to have that sorted.

And Abarth UK haven’t got their act together enough to sort out floor mats or other accessories, so we adapted some standard Punto ones for now.

Other than that… game on!

My Grande Punto Abarth

My Grande Punto Abarth

My Grande Punto Abarth

My Grande Punto Abarth

My Grande Punto Abarth

My Grande Punto Abarth

Grande Punto Abarth ‘Assetto’ and ‘esseesse’ prices

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Abarth dealers are finally beginning to issue finalised prices for the Grande Punto Abarth’s Assetto and Esseesse tuning kits.

GPA Assetto kit: £2,195 fitted
GPA Esseesse kit: £3,995 fitted

These prices include fitting and VAT.

For a reminder of what each kit contains, read this.