500 Abarth UK launch spec

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

There have been quite a few rumours flying around lately about the specification of the first 500 Abarth cars to arrive in the UK.

While Italy benefited from an initial Opening Edition limited to 100 cars, there will be no special edition as such for the UK.

However, to make production easier and to ensure availability for those at the top of the queue, the first 200 cars that come to the UK will all be 1949 White with red leather interior, red stripe and mirror kit, upgraded 17″ alloy wheels, and climate control. Depending on who you believe, there may or may not be a Scorpion graphic on the bonnet.

Delivery to customers is currently expected early February 2009. Customers who choose an alternative spec will likely have to wait until late March/early April.

Still no official confirmation on price, but assuming current indications of a £13,500 base price are correct, we’d expect the first 200 cars to be priced around the £15,100 mark once the cost of the ‘options’ has been added.

500 Abarth

500 Abarth

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