Abarth “Record Monza” exhaust systems

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Abarth and Magneti Marelli engineers have developed a range of exhaust systems designated “Record Monza”. “Record Monza” exhausts are variable back-pressure systems capable of improving the performance and the sound of the engine and making it more characteristically “Abarth”.

Abarth “Record Monza” exhaust systems for Abarth 500

Abarth “Record Monza” exhaust systems for Abarth 500

These thoroughly innovative exhausts also embody one of the most authentic traditions of the Scorpion marque. Thanks to the racing experience and genius of Karl Abarth, the 1960’s saw the introduction of the famous Abarth performance kits whose key feature was an exhaust based on a simple but clever idea: these exhausts featured a central pipe of constant section with side passages through the fibreglass, and the elimination of all diaphragms to minimise exhaust gas compression. This simple but innovative system gave Abarth exhausts a clear advantage in terms of performance, and an unmistakable sound. In only a few years Abarth & C. achieved a global dimension: in 1962 the company’s staff of 375 people produced 257,000 exhausts, 65% of which were destined for export.

Faithful to this history, Abarth is offering the new range of “Record Monza” exhausts, with variable back pressure ‘dual mode’ design that improves the sound of the engine above 3000 rpm.

“Record Monza” exhausts can be mounted on the Abarth 500 , the Abarth Grande Punto, and on petrol versions of the Fiat 500, and come in a matt black finish, with chromed tail pipes sporting the Abarth logo in relief.

Update: UK price has been set at £759.87+VAT (£873.85 inc 15% VAT).

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