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Abarth Roadster co-developed with Lotus?

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Could Abarth be working on a two-seat roadster based on the platform of the Lotus Evora? Auto Express seem to think so, but we tend to take anything they say with a very large bucket of salt. Here’s the blurb…

Abarth Roadster? &copy Auto Express

Abarth Roadster? © Auto Express

It’s another surprise from Fiat’s Abarth tuning arm! The sporty brand has come to a special agreement with Lotus, allowing it to use the next-generation Elise to underpin a standalone sports car – and this is what it could look like.

So far, few details have been confirmed about the roadster, but sources insist engineers at Lotus’ base in Hethel, Norfolk, and Abarth’s HQ in Turin, Italy, are already working hard on the project. Abarth boss Luca de Meo has admitted the company currently does not possess the resources to build the car, although our sources insist the maker has cleverly got around that through its deal with Lotus.

The new chassis will be a smaller version of the modular, bonded aluminium set-up that debuted on the British brand’s Evora 2+2 recently.

The lightweight two-seater will have a very different shape to the other cars in the Abarth line-up. However, the familiar scorpion badge, plus a full bodykit and distinctive white and red paintjob, will ensure the newcomer is instantly identifiable. Striking alloy wheels complete the package.

Under the bonnet, the car is expected to use one of Fiat’s next-generation turbocharged petrol engines, delivering in excess of 200bhp. This should propel the lightweight 900kg package from 0-60mph in less than five seconds.

Lotus has announced its next Elise will be launched in 2010, and the new Abarth model is expected to appear in showrooms here shortly after that – possibly as early as 2011.

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