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Mese dello Scorpione – The “Month of Scorpio” according to Abarth

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Abarth Italy is celebrating the “Month of Scorpio” during which the company will offer a calendar of events dedicated to Carlo Abarth, the legendary founder born a century ago under this astrological sign (15 November 1908).

The celebration runs from 23rd October to 22nd November, and will involve the Italian Abarth dealer network of 49 outlets.

The event will allow the public to test-drive the Abarth range, discover the history behind the brand, and admire the collection of clothing and accessories.

There’ll be a chance to drive the Grande Punto Abarth with both the popular “Assetto” and “esseesse” kits fitted – to date, more than 600 kits have been sold already.

Grande Punto Abarth esseesse

Grande Punto Abarth esseesse

Other events will follow in the next few weeks. For example, an exhibition will be held in Turin titled “from 0 to 100” that illustrates the life of Carlo Abarth and his legendary adventures through cars, objects and photographs.  The exhibition takes place at Torino Esposizioni, Turin, and opens on 16th November.

There will also be a special event on the weekend of 15th – 16th November devoted to the brand new “esseesse” kit for the Abarth 500.

Fiat 500 Abarth Esseesse

Fiat 500 Abarth Esseesse

Grande Punto Abarth ‘Assetto’ and ‘esseesse’ prices

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Abarth dealers are finally beginning to issue finalised prices for the Grande Punto Abarth’s Assetto and Esseesse tuning kits.

GPA Assetto kit: £2,195 fitted
GPA Esseesse kit: £3,995 fitted

These prices include fitting and VAT.

For a reminder of what each kit contains, read this.

Grande Punto Abarth ‘Assetto’ and ‘esseesse’ kits

Friday, June 27th, 2008

There are two tuning kits for customers of the Grande Punto Abarth 1.4 T-Jet 155bhp. The first tuning kit – known as the ‘Assetto’ kit – is designed to improve the chassis of the car, including the brakes and suspension. This kit includes cross- drilled brake discs at the front and rear, high performance front brake pads, special lower (-15/20 mm) springs and 18” alloy wheels painted white and fitted with 215/40 ZR18 Pirelli Pzero tyres.

Grande Punto Abarth esseesse

Grande Punto Abarth esseesse

The second tuning kit– known as the ‘esseesse’ kit – is primarily to increase the power of the engine, and is only available in conjunction with the ‘Assetto’ kit. This adds numerous components including a special air filter ‘powered by BMC’, a Garrett turbo, new injectors, twin chrome-plated exhaust tailpipes, and a reflash of the engine control unit with ‘esseesse’ software. All this boosts engine performance from 155 bhp to 180 bhp. Visually the ‘esseesse’ kit adds ‘esseesse’ logos on the tailgate, wing mirror covers and an engine cover.

The ‘esseesse’ and ‘Assetto’ kits, which are delivered to customers packed in original wooden crates, to respect Abarth tradition, may only be sold and installed by the official network of Abarth ‘Assetto Corse’ tuners on a Grande Punto Abarth 1.4 Turbo T-Jet 155 bhp within one year or 20,000 km from its first registration, and are covered by a two-year Abarth warranty from the installation date.

Grande Punto Abarth esseesse

Grande Punto Abarth esseesse

With the “esseesse” kit, the Grande Punto Abarth has almost twice the power of the basic Fiat model (a statistic repeated throughout Abarth’s history: the Fiat 500 from 1958 had 13 bhp, while the Abarth-modified car reached 26). When fitted with a 1.4 16v turbo engine enhanced to 180 bhp (at 5750 rpm) and with a maximum torque of 272 Nm, the Grande Punto Abarth “esseesse” can achieve a maximum speed of 215 km/h, accelerating from 0-62 mph in just 7.7 seconds.

Needless to say, the modifications to the brakes and suspension contained within the kit mean the Grande Punto Abarth is more than capable of transmitting all this power to the road in a usable, safe and enjoyable manner.