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Abarth 500C UK prices and options

Monday, June 21st, 2010

We’ve established the factory options and UK prices for the new Abarth 500C.

As we revealed earlier, the Abarth 500C will be available next month priced from £17,500 on-the-road.

Standard specification includes:-

  • Dark tinted windows
  • Xenon headlights
  • ‘Abarth Competizione’ 5-speed MTA transmission
  • Steering wheel-mounted paddles
  • Blue&Me
  • Reverse parking sensors
  • Smoking kit

The factory options are as below:-

Option Price
Leather sports interior £800
Climate Control £260
50/50 split-folding rear seats (included with leather) £150
Auto-dimming rear view mirror £100
Red brake calipers and wheel centre caps with red border £150
Interscope Hi-fi system £260
17″ diamond-finish alloy wheel in white, 5-petal design £175
17″ diamond-finish alloy wheel with anthracite background, 5-spoke design £175
Red/White/Black Stripes and Mirrors £160
White Trim Liner £46
Black Trim Liner £46
Red Trim Liner Pack (Bicolour only – inc. Red body line, red brake calipers, red wheel centre cap borders) £200
Wind stop £150

Available colours are listed as Gara White (£400), Officina Red (£400), the new Record Grey metallic (£400), plus the two Bicolour options of Scorpion Black/Gara White (£900) and Pista Grey/Campovolo Grey (£900). Campovolo Grey is now the no-cost option.

There’s an incredibly complex array of choices of colours for hood colour (Black or Titanium Grey), rear spoiler colour (Matt Black, Titanium Grey, or body-coloured), and interior trims (Black Sports Cloth, or leather in Black, Grey, or Tan).  Most choices are only available with certain paint colours (Pista/Campovolo Grey Bi-colour cars can only have Titanium Grey hoods and spoilers, for instance), and these are best discussed with your dealer.

The new Abarth 500C

The new Abarth 500C

Source: Abarthisti Forum

Abarth Punto Evo UK specification and options

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

We’ve established the UK specification and available options for the new Abarth Punto Evo.

As standard, the £16,500 Abarth Punto Evo is set to feature:-

  • Dark tinted windows
  • Cruise Control
  • Blue&Me
  • Interscope hi-fi system
  • Preparation for anti-theft alarm
  • Preparation for satellite navigation
  • Locking fuel filler cap
  • Red brake calipers
  • Smoking kit

The available options are set out in the table below, along with their prices which, for the most part, appear to have been carried over from the Abarth Grande Punto.

Option Price
Leather Sports interior £850
Electric “Sky Dome” sunroof £725
Dual Climate Control £260
Auto-dimming rear view mirror £160
Rain sensing windscreen wipers (only with the above) £80
Front centre armrest £110
Abarth Corse Seats by Sabelt in Leather/Alcantara £1,690
Abarth Corse Seats by Sabelt in Fabric £1,320
Alternative 17″ alloy wheels with 205/45 tyres £150
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) £250
White/Black/Red Stripe & Mirror kits £160
Preparation for CD Multi-changer £100
Chrome mirrors £60
12v socket £28

Campovolo Grey is now the no-cost colour option, with 1949 White, Scorpion Black and Velocity Red all now £400 options.

Update: these prices have now been confirmed.

The new Abarth Punto Evo

The new Abarth Punto Evo

Source: Abarthisti Forum.

Grande Punto Abarth price increased

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

The UK price of the Grande Punto Abarth will be increased on 4th August 2009. The new on-the-road price will be £13,800, an increase of nearly £600.

As well as the price increase, there are a few revisions to the standard spec and the factory options.

The Interscope hi-fi system is no longer standard, nor is the 12v power socket in the boot, although both now become cost options at £250 and £35 respectively. The CD autochanger and the alternative 17″ alloy wheels appear to be missing from the options list, too, although we’re not sure if that means they’ve been deleted.

New options arrive in the shape of the front centre armrest that’s been available elsewhere in Europe since launch (£110), TPMS, the tyre pressure monitoring system (£250), and the Premium Pack which combines Climate Control and Interscope (£410).

The Sabelt seats also appear as a factory option, although in a move that I can only describe as misguided, they’ve been priced at the same level as in the accessory catalogue – an already eye-watering £2,250.

A new zero-cost option – 57X ‘Homologation Code’ – reduces the GPA’s emissions to 159 g/km (down from 162) when specified, and improves economy: 30.1 mpg urban (was 29.4), 54.3 mpg extra-urban (was 53.3), 42.2 mpg combined (was 40.9).

Option Code Price
Metallic paint (Black) 5CE £375
Sky Dome Electric sunroof 400 £725
Climate control 140 £270
Interscope Hi-fi system 4JF £250
Leather upholstery 732 £850
Front centre armrest (not with Sabelts) 132 £110
Abarth Corse Seats by Sabelt 4HV £2,250
Abarth Premium Pack (140+4JF) 5QH £410
Blue&Me Nav system 55Y £350
TPMS 365 £250
Red Stripes and mirrors (White cars only) 59A £160
12V Power point 823 £35
Smoker kit 989 £50
Homologation code 57X £0

500 Abarth UK prices confirmed

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

UK pricing for the new 500 Abarth has, apparently, been confirmed, although I’m still waiting to see a press release to this effect.  The base price of the car will be £13,600 on-the-road, and ordering for customer-spec cars officially opened this morning (21st January).

500 Abarth

New 500 Abarth

Yes, that’s more than the bigger and more powerful Grande Punto Abarth.  To my mind, that indicates that the price of the GPA will soon be increased to match, probably citing fluctuations in the Euro exchange rate.

The launch date is currently pencilled in for Saturday 7th February, although again this hasn’t been officially announced.  My recommendation would still be to delay delivery until after March 1st for the new ’09’ plate, though.

Most dealers will have taken delivery of their demonstrators by now (two each – one normal production, one to potentially be converted to Esseesse spec).

While we’d been expecting the first 200 cars into the UK to all be the same spec (white, red leather, red stripe and mirror kit, upgraded 17″ alloy wheels, climate control), it seems that most customers have been keen on ordering their own spec. To counter that, a number of speculatively-built cars of varying colours and specs will be available in the first batch, from which customers can choose should they match their own preferences.

It was also previously understood that the prices of the various options would match those of the standard 500 – that obviously makes sense, since they’re the same components, assembled on the same production line.

However, the latest information does seem to have a few oddities:-

Code Option Price
140 Climate control £260
195 50/50 Split folding rear seat £150
732 Leather Sports Interior £800
400 Electric “Sky Dome” sunroof £550
59E Fixed glass sunroof £325
410 Auto-dimming rear view mirror £100
54K Preparation for Blue&Me Nav with telemetry £15
55Y Blue&Me Nav w/telemetry £240
55E Five-hole 17″ alloy wheels with 205/40R17 tyres £175
4AY Ten-spoke 17″ alloy wheels with 205/40R17 tyres £175
802 “Funk White” Pearl Paint finish £700
5CE “Crossover Black” Metallic Paint finish £375
5CJ “Pasadoble Red” Special Paint finish £250
5JQ “Campovola Grey” Special Paint finish £250
4RR Chrome finish door mirrors £70
5HP Red checked roof £135
5HQ White checked roof £135
5HR Black checked roof £135
5HS Red Scorpion bonnet decal £75
5HT White Scorpion bonnet decal £75
5HU Black Scorpion bonnet decal £75
5HI Red Abarth Stripe & Mirrors £160
5HM White Abarth Stripe & Mirrors £160
5HN Black Abarth Stripe & Mirrors £160
5JK Alloy gear knob £50

Those prices list climate control, the fixed glass roof, and the checked roof as higher than the standard 500 – not by much, admittedly.

Now, get ordering!

500 Abarth factory options

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

While we’re waiting for official confirmation of the UK spec for the 500 Abarth, here’s the list of factory options available elsewhere in Europe:

Option Price
Leather upholstery €1,200
Electric “Sky Dome” sunroof €750
Fixed glass sunroof €450
Auto-dimming rear view mirror €150
Blue&Me Map €100
Blue&Me Nav €300
Chrome mirrors €200
Five-hole 17″ alloy wheels with 205/40R17 tyres €400
Ten-spoke 17″ alloy wheels with 205/40R17 tyres €400
White/Black/Red Stripe & Mirror kits €300
White/Black/Red checkerboard roof kits €300
White/Black/Red Scorpion bonnet stickers €200
Scorpion Black paintwork €420
Factory Red paintwork €420
Grey paintwork €420
White Pearl paintwork €800

500 Abarth wheels and standard vs. leather seats

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Details are beginning to emerge of the various options that will be available for the 500 Abarth.

Courtesy of the Abarth Forum, we can see the three wheel options: the Standard 16″ x 6.5J with 195/45 R16 tyres, Option 4AY: 17″ x 7.5J with 205/40 R17 tyres, and Option 55E: 17″ x 7.5J with 205/40 R17 tyres.

500 Abarth wheels

500 Abarth wheels

While the first 200 UK cars will include the red leather seats as standard, they’re normally an option over the more basic standard seats:

500 Abarth standard vs. leather seats

500 Abarth standard vs. leather seats

More details as and when.

Grande Punto Abarth factory options

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

The prices of the Grande Punto Abarth factory options for the UK have been announced.

Option Code Price
Climate control 140 £250
Metallic paint (Black) 5CE £375
Sky Dome Electric sunroof 400 £550
Alternate 17″ alloy wheels 420 £500
Stripes and mirrors (White cars only) 59A £100
CD Autochanger 565 £100
Leather upholstery 732 £850
Special Paint (Red) 5CJ £250

The UK build spec will include a few features that are optional elsewhere in Europe, namely:

Option Code Price
Locking fuel tank cap 352 €25
Cruise Control 416 €200
Hi-Fi with amplified 100W subwoofer 718 €250
12-volt trunk compartment power output 823 €50

We’ll also get the leather dashboard on all cars, which normally only comes with the leather upholstery option (732).

However, there are still some options we won’t get, such as:-

Option Code Price
Front armrest with glove compartment 132 €60
Cargo box 256 €50
Rain sensor 347 €120
TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system 365 €150
Blue & Me Navigation 55Y €249
Premium Pack (140 Climate, 4JF Interscope Hi-Fi) 5QH €600
Fire extinguisher 912 €40
UK cars have leather dashboard as standard, rather than painted like this European car

UK cars have leather dashboard as standard, rather than painted like this European car