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The Powershore Abarth SP (Sport Prototype)

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Abarth makes its entry into powerboat racing with its first “Powershore” boat, designed in typical Abarth style and with the sort of performance you would expect from the marque of the Scorpion.

Abarth has taken the Strider 12S built by SACS and transformed it into the Powershore Abarth SP (Sport Prototype), a maxi rib inspired by the world of powerboat racing and powered by three special edition Yamaha engines.

The Powershore Abarth SP (Sport Prototype)

The Powershore Abarth SP (Sport Prototype)

Propelled by over 1000 horsepower, and specially prepared for this exclusive version, the boat offers thrilling acceleration and speed and can deliver on the water the same emotions that a racing car or bike can on the land.

The design, by Christian Grande and the Fiat Group’s Centro Stile, is even more aggressive than the already stunning standard version. Special graphics combine with elements in pure racing style to enhance every aspect of the “Powershore”, from the deck to the cabin, driving seats, stowage compartments, controls and instrumentation.

The “Powershore Abarth SP” is a true expression not only of luxury and exclusiveness, but also of performance and power, to be enjoyed in complete safety and with great ease thanks to the boat’s stability and its tubular buoyancy compartments.

The new boat is offered as a “factory” product, prepared with special components in true Abarth style to allow enthusiasts to own a unique and totally uncompromising machine.

Technical specifications

Overall length: 12.30 m
Overall beam: 3.64 m
Draft at screws: 0.7 m
Fuel tank capacity: 900 l
Water tank capacity: 120 l
Sewage tank capacity: 51 l
Displacement with engines: approx. 5.7 t
Sleeps: 2 people