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Benny Simonsen confirmed as driver for Abarthisti-sponsored Trofeo entry

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Benny Simonsen, younger brother of GT ace Allan Simonsen, has signed with Pulce Racing to drive the Vospers-Abarthisti Abarth 500 Assetto Corse in the 2010 Trofeo Abarth 500 GB championship.

Benny is making his race circuit debut after a very successful career in Scandinavian karting, winning numerous championships.

He joins the fledging Pulce Racing formed as a spin off from experienced Le Mans Series protagonists JWA Racing. Pulce Racing are one of the few teams to acquire a dealer car – in this case, provided by Vospers, the largest car dealer in the south west of England.

Testing continues on a weekly basis in the UK and will include some warm weather running in southern Spain later this month.

Abarthisti-sponsored Vospers/Pulce Racing Abarth 500 Assetto Corse

Abarthisti-sponsored Vospers/Pulce Racing Abarth 500 Assetto Corse

Denise Watt, Managing Director, Pulce Racing said: “Pulce Racing are really excited to be on the Trofeo Abarth grid with a driver of the calibre and speed of Benny. We are going to be championship contenders from race one.”

Race driver Benny Simonsen commented: “I can’t wait for that first race to start, and I’m really pleased to have signed with such a professional team as Pulce Racing. I’m sure we’re going to be up the front fighting for race wins and the championship.”

John Hutchinson, Brand Manager for Vospers Abarth, said: “Vospers are proud to be a part of the Trofeo Abarth 500 GB. Abarth is already very appealing to those who remember the brand’s golden age during the ’50s and ’60s, and the race series will help attract a whole new generation of enthusiasts. Indeed, Vospers are thrilled to be supported by Abarthisti, the UK’s largest online community of Abarth owners and enthusiasts.”

Pulce Racing are also working in conjunction with Abarthisti on a range of tuning, styling and performance upgrades and accessories for all Abarth models. Details of these products will be announced as they become available.

Official Abarth merchandise UK price list

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

We’ve managed to get a copy of the Abarth merchandise price list for the UK, courtesy of Vospers.

UPDATE: You can now buy official Abarth merchandise through Abarthisti.

Part Number Description Colour Price
303067p Mans T- shirt White- red stripe £18.95
303068p Mans T- shirt White- Abarth logo £18.95
303069p Mans T- shirt Black – Abarth logo £18.95
303070p Mans T- shirt long sleeve White – red stripes £32.95
303071p Sweat shirt Black £57.95
303072p Womans tank top White – red stripe £18.95
303073p Womans T – shirt White – Abarth Logo £14.95
303074p Kids T- shirt White – Abarth Logo £14.95
303075p Kids T- shirt Black – Abarth logo £14.95
303076p Kids T- shirt White – red stripe £14.95
303077p Baseball cap White – red stripe £16.95
303078p Baseball cap Red – Abarth logo £16.95
303079p Kids Baseball cap Red – Abarth logo £12.95
303080p Baseball cap Black – Abarth logo £16.95
303081p Sun Visor Red – Abarth logo £11.95
303053 Abarth Logo Poster £6.95
303054 S2000 Poster £6.95
303055 Punto Abarth Poster £6.95
303056 Punto Esse Esse Poster £6.95
303057 Abarth stripe poster £6.95
303032 Abarth Flag White £7.95
303082p Abarth Key ring £8.95
303083p Bag Black £14.95
303084p Necklace £6.95
303116 500 Abarth peddle car White £100
303117 500 Abarth Electric car White £184.95
3030105 1:24 scale S2000 model White £7.95
3030106 1:43 scale S2000 model White £4.95
3030107 1:24 scale GP SS Model White £7.95
3030110 1:43 scale GP SS Model White £4.95
3030113 1:20 scale S2000 R/C Model White £19.95
3030114 1:24 scale 500 Abarth Model Whlte £7.95
3030115 1:43 Scale 500 Abarth Model White £4.95
303085p Mans Sweat shirt White £65.95
303065p Body Warmer White – Abarth Logo £73.95
303064p Body Warmer Red – White top £73.95
303066p Fleece Black £80.99
303095p Official team shoes Red £149.00
303123p 500 Abarth Kappa top White £84.95
303005 History of Abarth book £42.95
303001 Silver Abarth tie pin £19.95
303006 White Gold Scorpion cuff links £304.95
303004 Abarth Plaque £24.95
303002 Mouse Mat £13.99
303045 1GB Scorpion USB stick £53.99

You can download a copy of the catalogue here: Official Abarth merchandise catalogue